Newton's Ninja Essential Kit: 1,000 lbf [4,448N] Full Scale Capacity

Precio habitual $9,467.00

Current Lead time is 8-9 weeks After Recepit of Order.

Test and calibrate loadcells without the pain and extra work of certified calibration weights. The Newton Ninja 1K starter kit weighs less than 25 pounds (less than 12kg) and includes the essentials to do manual actuated compression and tension calibration of your critical load cells.

 System Resolution:

 Stroke per Revolution: 0.0069" [0.1753mm]
Total Revolution: 8
Total Stroke: 0.056" [1.422mm]
Full Scale Capacity 0.04% nonlinearity


Kit Includes:

  • (1) 1,000 lbf [4,448 N] capacity aluminum frame
  • (1) Hand held indicator with digital readout with NIST calibration certificate
  • (1) 1,000 lbf [4,448 N] accurate to 0.04% full scale capacity calibrated reference load cell & cable - Includes dated NIST calibration certificate
  • (1) Load Cell includes preinstalled thread adapter w/ 5/8"-18 thread
  • (1) CP-11 [Compression Platen 5/8"-18, 1.5" OD]
  • (1) Wheel drive
  • Free UPS Ground shipping to Lower 48 US States
Made in the USA.